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Ideas Sharing

  • Please communicate the ideas you wish to see in the community.
  • If you have a great blog you would like others to see, send us your link. ( subject to approval)
  • Neighborhood watch: Be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles or individuals.
  • Reminders: Keep pets on a leash and pick up after they do their 'business'. Keep them off other folks grass.
  • If you know of a neighbor in need, please communicate with the Social Committee or Board of Directors- a helping hand can be organized.
  • If you recently enjoyed a great event, vacation spot or restaurant. Share your review with us.

Yard Sales  

Coincides with Mill Creek each year.

1st Saturday in April and 1st Saturday in  November.


Have you been interested in Solar power, it's benefits and potential cost savings? Think it is too expensive?  Well the League of Woman Voters in conjunction with several other organizations is promoting the establishment of a co-op in our area.  For more information check out the website: 


Creekside News

Reviews: Waiting for yours...

Playground Observations: Anything new? 

Recipes: Yum yum! Need submissions.

Landscaping tips: Watering/pruning tips etc...

Won't you be my neighbor? Share plant seedlings and fruit harvest.

Something to celebrate?

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