Board Members

The Country Creek Home Owners Association is an elected board, responsible for the overall running of the association and the enforcement of the established deed restrictions and covenants.  This volunteer board is assisted by several committees established by the board.

Board members:

  • President               Eric Lawson            
  • Vice-President      Ray Miller
  • Treasurer               David Rosengrant
  • Secretary               Jamie Rozek-Potter 
  •  Director at Large  Todd Klyn

Additional Volunteers Welcomed

Country Creek HOA 
is now managed by 

​Gulf Coast Community Management 
The office address just changed on 1/1/2023:
2201 Cantu Ct., Ste 106
Sarasota, FL 34232

Attention: Estoppels requests to 

​Lisa Taylor –

Welcome ...



Download the Covenants and Deed Restrictions.  They will be in Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF format.

Click LINK below



Bi-monthly Board meetings will be held at Bayside Community Church

Next meeting is in July,   the 11th @7PM we will social distance.  Room name - "Two by twod"

Location - Enter at the West, then turn right. It will be the hallway with the large Whale in the middle of it.

After that the meetings are tentatively schedule for,,

- 5.10.22

- 7.12.22

- 9.13.22

- 11.8.22

- 1.10.23


Q. Are fences (or a hedge) allowed on a corner lot? ​

A. Fences and hedges are not permitted on corner lots. 

QI am thinking of buying (have bought) a house in Country Creek, any restrictions?

A. Yes, read the Deed Restrictions document, it is only 35 pages. Or contact a board member.

Q. Can I keep a boat at my property?
A. Boats are not allowed to be stored in yards nor on driveways. They can be stored in your garage though, only if it fits.

Q. What is the fiscal year for CCHOA fees? 
A.  Fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

Q. I lost my form, how much are dues and where do I send it? 
A. The yearly fees are $481.  
Mail to:

Country Creek Homeowners Association 

9040 Town Center Parkway
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202​

Q. I am selling my home and need an Estoppel letter, how may I get one?
A. Use the 'contact us' page or go directly to our management company. Costs $250.

Q. There is a street light out by my house what should I do?
A. Call FPL 1-800-468-8243.

Q. Does the HOA take care of the back flow testing?
A. No, this is the responsibility of the 


Q. What mailbox post can I use and where should I place it?

A. Country Creek is transitioning to black metal mailboxes and black posts.  All posts need a decorative topper.  When installed, bottom of mailbox should measure 43" from the ground and the front of the box 6" - 8" from the curb. Please visit our Official Facebook for examples or "Contact Us" for clarification prior to placement.

Q. Is fishing allowed behind homes?
Fishing is not permitted on any lake that abuts private property, unless you have the permission of the property owner.

The easements that surround our lakes exist primarily for lake maintenance and do not constitute common areas.  Easements remain the private property of the owner and cannot be trespassed upon by anyone who is not a designated official of the HOA or county. Owners are also liable for easements.


Updated Info LINKS Here:

Your HOA now has an Official Facebook Site as another means of communication. 

Request membership on Country Creek of Bradenton HOA Official FB Site at:

HOA Dues:

The office address just changed on 1/1/2023:
Gulf Coast Community Management
2201 Cantu Ct., Ste 106
Sarasota, FL 34232

The address for payments should be:
Country Creek Homeowners Association of Manatee, Inc
C/O SouthState Bank
P.O Box 21586
Tampa, FL 33622-1586


Our preferred mailboxes are no longer available.  The HOA has adopted a basic black metal box with a red flag.  It is readily available from the big box home improvement stores. 

DEADLINE for new mailbox 1/1/2022

Clink on this link to find information on the approved mailbox posts.


If you notice a violation or have a complaint to register, fill in your name, and we will investigate the issue but we may need to contact you for further information.