​​​​​​​CCHOA rules on video taping of meetings:  

Florida Statutes, Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes define the Division Rules on Videotaping, any unit owner may tape record or videotape meetings of the board of administration, committee meetings, or unit owner meetings, subject to the following restrictions:
1) The only audio/video equipment and devices unit owners are authorized to use at such meetings will be equipment which do not produce distracting sounds or light emissions.
2) Video equipment shall be assembled and placed in position fifteen (5-15) minutes in advance to the start of meeting. The placement location to be determined by the BOD.
3) Any member videotaping or recording a meeting shall not be permitted to move about the meeting room.

4) 24 hrs notice shall be given to the BOD before a member utilizes any audio or video equipment.
5) Any tapes or videos taken at a meeting may not be distributed nor posted on-line outside of the association, other than to an owner's legal counsel or agent, without the written consent of the BOD.  
6) There shall be no audio or video taping of meetings by a third party (non-member) without a written request and approval by the BOD.


If you notice a violation or have a complaint to register, fill in your name, and we will investigate the issue but we may need to contact you for further information.


 The Country Creek Community does not allow any commercial vehicle to be parked overnight in plain sight. CC defines a commercial vehicle as one that fits any of the descriptions below:

  1.  A vehicle with any sign, graphics or letters larger than a bumper sticker, used for the purpose of commercial advertising 
  2. A vehicle larger than a class “2 passenger vehicle” as defined by the Florida DMV
  3. A vehicle larger than 10,000 pounds
  4. Any utility or service type vehicle
  5. A vehicle with exposed tool boxes,  or ladder racks

A commercial vehicle will be allowed to be parked overnight under the following conditions:

  1. A vehicle parked inside a garage
  2. A vehicle completely screened by a fence, and in compliance with all CC by laws governing parking and fences
  3. A vehicle whose signs, graphics or letters are completely covered by a magnetic cover


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