Country Creek Homeowners,

Our community has 228 homes.  At any given election, a mailing must be sent out according to specific rules to all homeowners.  The Board of Directors has followed that process and with each mailing every homeowner has been given the opportunity to return their proxy vote by mail, or to vote in person.  At the last election, as in nearly all elections, many of the homeowners have not utilized their right to vote. 

The Board of Directors has made many advancements since February:

We hired a management company to keep everything fair and equal in our community.
We generated a call for volunteers among all homeowners.
With the volunteers who responded, we created and staffed committees to begin the long process of amending our current Governing Documents as well as to survey the status of current homeowner compliance.
We also staffed a group of volunteers according to State Statue and our Governing Documents to listen to homeowners who have received a series of violations.  These volunteers will serve as a neutral party to be sure each homeowner is being treated fairly and to limit any potential legal costs.
We selected and informed homeowners with a mailing of our new community mailbox options.
We increased communication by adding a method that adds no costs, it is our official Facebook site named, Country Creek of Bradenton HOA Official FB Site.

During this continued process we encourage homeowners to ask questions and get involved.  You may contact the Board of Directors by going to www.COUNTRYCREEKHOA.net and sending an inquiry to the “Contact us” at the top of the page. We remain hopeful that our community will come together, respect one another, recognize that we are all governed by the same Governing Documents, and work in unity toward a better community and a brighter tomorrow.

Country Creek Board of Directors



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 The Country Creek Community does not allow any commercial vehicle to be parked overnight in plain sight. CC defines a commercial vehicle as one that fits any of the descriptions below:

  1.  A vehicle with any sign, graphics or letters larger than a bumper sticker, used for the purpose of commercial advertising 
  2. A vehicle larger than a class “2 passenger vehicle” as defined by the Florida DMV
  3. A vehicle larger than 10,000 pounds
  4. Any utility or service type vehicle
  5. A vehicle with exposed tool boxes,  or ladder racks

A commercial vehicle will be allowed to be parked overnight under the following conditions:

  1. A vehicle parked inside a garage
  2. A vehicle completely screened by a fence, and in compliance with all CC by laws governing parking and fences
  3. A vehicle whose signs, graphics or letters are completely covered by a magnetic cover